QBMC Updates to 1.19!!
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The QBMC Team is happy to report that we have updated to 1.19! Paper and Waterfall have updated to support this new version, and we have updated all servers on our server network to run with Minecraft Client Version 1.19! We are still in the process of updating plugins and identifying bugs. Please let us know if you encounter any issues while in game!​

Quantum SMP Now Live! Connect with: smp.qbmc.us

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QBMC is excited to introduce Quantum SMP! Roam the lands of Quantum before its civilized time. Play as a new species, destined to make your way to greatness or calamity. Become a precedent to what will come. You are the beginning. You are the Origin. A special thanks to AtiGoldenPanther and the Quantum Team for making this all happen!

Please be sure to follow the Quantum SMP Mod install guide using the PDF attached to this post. Contact staff in game if you need any help with installing these mods!​

1.17.1 Has Arrived!

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1.16 IS HERE!

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Attention all, 1.16 is here! We are in the update process currently, and there will be some bugs in the first few weeks. Please let our staff know if something doesn't seem right and we will fix it if possible! Please keep in mind that we will have to wait a few weeks for all plugins to be updated, but for now this version of PaperSpigot does seem stable enough to run our servers smoothly.​

- scungilli

Cloudflare DDoS Protection and Proxy!

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Attention all QBMC members. We are pleased to announce that the server is now protected from DDoS attacks and the website is secured with SSL encryption! This means more uptime for you, and better security for us. We are please to offer this to you at no additional cost. Please make sure to always connect using the IP "play.qbmc.us" to ensure you are connecting through CloudFlares Spectrum TCP port proxy service for the best game play experience. We will be phasing out the use of the IP "qbmc.us" without the "play." in front of it:


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