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đź‘€ - Hide-and-Seek


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Apr 6, 2020


Howdy, everyone!

My suggestion for this contest is gonna be Hide-and-Seek. This is a server we haven't had up and running before. It's a fairly simple minigame but very fun. How this game will work is there will be hiders and one seeker at the start of every game. The hiders will be disguised as blocks that need to fit into a certain map. The hiders can change what block they are (within reason and with a cooldown) and they'll have other powerups too. The hiders must run the clock out to win. The seekers on the other hand will have different kits each with their own abilities to help find the hiders (kits TBD you can leave ideas below) and they must kill all the hiders to win. Now one seeker vs endless hiders isn't quite fair so whenever a hider is found and killed by a seeker they will be moved over to the seeker team.

I hope y'all like this idea. If you think it'd be cool click the like button and leave suggestions underneath this thread.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my suggestion!
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